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Kawartha Car & Truck Accessories - Bancroft, ON

Aftermarket Parts and Truck Bed Covers near Bancroft, Ontario

Although our vehicle accessory business is located in the city of Peterborough, Ontario, we routinely attract custom from towns and cities such as Bancroft within a radius of more than 100 miles. Our premises are an hour’s drive down Highway 28, but well worth the effort if your interest is in customized vehicle parts.

At Kawartha Car & Truck Accessories we sell personalized accessories, such as running boards, headlights or custom rims, for your car or truck. We even have parts for golf carts, lawn mowers and chainsaws. We can carry out modifications and, if we don’t have the parts you want available, we can fabricate them.

It is our major selling point that we do anything that involves either a gas, electrical or diesel motor. We sell aftermarket upgrade parts, install snorkels, sell truck bed covers and box liners. Everything we do benefits our customers by giving them modified upgraded vehicles they can be proud of.

The business stands out from our competitors because we are fair and offer quality work coupled with reasonable prices. We are licensed to sell parts and also hold a mechanics’ license, propane license, and truck-driving license.

We also offer annual vehicle inspections, oil changes, tune-ups, brake jobs and belt and hose replacement. Among the brands we deal with are Reese, Husky and Hidden Hitch.

Car and truck owners invest a lot of time and money in their vehicles and it is only right that their car matches their personality. At Kawartha Car & Truck Accessories we are affordable and professional, and our certified mechanics will be delighted to do the work for you.

So if you are in Bancroft then make that trip to see us in Peterborough or call us on (705) 243-4814 to make sure we have the part you want. You will soon be driving the flashiest customized vehicle in the area.

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