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Golf Cart Repair and Used Car Parts near Oshawa, Ontario

If you aren’t satisfied with the way your car or truck looks, the best thing for you to do is accessorize. 

Adding running boards, custom rims or and other aftermarket parts can do wonders for how you feel about your vehicle. If you live in or around Oshawa, ON the place to get that done is Kawartha Car & Truck Accessories.

We are conveniently located in Peterborough, Ontario and have a two-bay garage as well as a two-ton jack, so whatever you need, whether it’s car accessories or truck accessories, we can get it done for you quickly and efficiently.

Aftermarket parts are an affordable way to make your vehicle match your personality, and you’ll have the ability to pick and choose exactly what you want.

Since Kawartha Car & Truck Accessories has the capability to modify, accessorize or repair anything with a motor we can also handle changes you’d like to make to your golf cart, chain saw or lawn mower. 

Our goal is to get your motorized item looking and running the way you want whether it’s electric, gas or diesel.

With the equipment that we have in our shop we can also give your car or truck an oil change as well as provide brake work. We can do disk brakes and air breaks, rotors, pads, shoes and drums.

Take a good look at your vehicle and decide if you need us to install a hitch, put on running boards, ad push bars or off-road lights. 

For all of the people out there that like to do extreme off-roading, make sure that it’s someone that you really trust that installs your snorkel, because one wrong mechanic and it’s big trouble.

If you live or work in Oshawa, ON and you decide that you would like to add modifications or aftermarket parts to your car or truck, the only place to call is Kawartha Car & Truck Accessories at (705) 243-4814. Let our certified mechanics take care of everything you need.

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